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25KG PP woven bag, compound bag, craft paper bag, valve bag, 625kg-1000kg jumbo bag.
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Iron oxide red/black 21.5mt
Iron oxide yellow 13mt
Iron oxide orange 15mt
Iron oxide brown/green/blue 20mt
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According to ISO9001quality system, and by adopting ISO1248 & EN 12878 quality standard, we establish a complete raw material evaluation, precise production control, strict testing procedure and comprehensive tracking system, to assure the consistency and quality of our product.
* Quality assurance system:ISO9001:2008
* Quality standard:ISO1248,EN12878
* Test method:ISO787,EN12878
* Color tolerance:△E≤1.0;△L≤0.8、△a≤0.8、△b≤0.8;tinting strength 95% -105%
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1. Iron oxide pigment is used as dye or colorant in various prefabricated concrete parts and architectural products and materials. It is directly added into cement to color up various indoor and outdoor cement surfaces, i.e. walls, terraces, ceilings, pillars, corridors, roads, car-park,stairs, stations, etc, as well as various building ceramic and glazed ceramics, i.e. facing bricks, floor tiles, roofing tiles, panels, terrazzo, mosaic tiles, artificial marbles, etc.
2. ...
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